This cutting edge technique creates crisp, natural looking hair-like strokes that last 1-3 years.

MICROBLADING - First Session                             $395

MICROBLADING & SHADING - First Session         $450

MICRO X                                                                $295

- If you have good natural brows and just want to enhance them with a fill in, Micro X is for you. No mapping is done, just freestyle strokes.

  • $100 deposit required

  • Cancellation Policy: 48 hour non-refundable


“I LOVE my eyebrows! Nicole has a magic touch! I didn’t really pay attention to my brows before microblading because I was scared of over-plucking or overdoing it with brow color. After microblading, I can totally see how Nicole reshaped and perfected them. I am proud of my brows and get so many compliments. Nicole is a true professional and I can tell that she has extensively studied this process. I have had two sessions with her: first session and a touch-up. The ink is still there after 6 months and I will be going back for more touch-ups as needed to keep up the beautiful look. I have recommended her to every person I know and all of my friends are also extremely satisfied!”

- D.A.

“I had my eyebrows microbladed by Nicole at The Salon, and she did such an amazing job! She was very knowledgeable about the procedure and made me feel comfortable during the session. I highly recommend anyone to her, and the price is very reasonable!”

- K.G.

“I love how my brows turned out after microblading. I wanted to add some length to my brows, and Nicole was able to do that and still make it look natural. I’ve had so many compliments since having them done! Thank you Nicole!! “

- A.G.