Katie is our Salon Coordinator and has one of the most important positions at The Salon. Responsible for every person who walks through our doors, she is the first and last contact between our staff and our guests.

Through a combination of training and her passion to be the best, Katie has quickly developed the unique ability to understand our industry, helping her meet the individual needs of our clients and designers alike. Katie attends and participates in all of our fashion events, photo shoots, and education opportunities in town and throughout the Midwest. Her personality, flair for fashion, and customer service skills create that personal experience that is the secret to our long-term success in Kansas City. 

This year Katie will transition from her role as Salon Coordinator to our apprentice program where she will spend the next fifteen months learning the skills necessary to become a member of our design team. Combining the skills listed above with the technical skills learned in our program, Katie will without a doubt become one of Kansas City’s best.